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Today I’m sharing some happy Images from my session with the wonderful Mutzelburg family.  They were introduced to me through my family.  My Mum, and my sisters Zara & Emma have all found friends within this family.  That is saying a lot too because they have always had good taste in friends!

sm family blog (2 of 5)

sm family blog (1 of 5)

If the light is right, I love taking a silhouette shot with my families –  something creative and a bit different.   In this image I see Love, I see quirky and I see how a little brother looks up to his big brother.  This is one of my favourite silhouette’s so far.

sm family blog (3 of 5)

sm family blog (4 of 5)

sm family blog (5 of 5)

Their eldest son is preparing to leave home &  serve a mission very soon,  so these family photos will probably mark then end of an era for the Mutzelburg family.   I wish him all the very best!  It was so lovely to meet you all:)

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