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Four young Cherubs.  Two lively little girls, a mature young lady  & a very sweet and Caring brother…..With my own children back at school for the start of the 2014 year, I now attempt to catch up with blogging all the wonderful families that I got to meet & photograph over the last couple of months.

blog Guy (1 of 4)

blog Guy (2 of 4)

blog Guy (4 of 4)

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Loved their Brother almost as soon as I meet him – Very sweet & caring.  One of his little sisters was crying & crying because she accidentally broke her special necklace.  He consoled her and patiently tried to fix it.  The world would be a better place if everyone had a brother like that!

2x blog guy 1

and last,  but not least!  The two cheeky little sisters.

blog Guy (1 of 1)

2x blog guy 2

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