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This boy of mine is often found SINGING around the house.  Mostly, there is no CD or i-Pod playing in the background.  Just my boy.  Humming his tunes.  This brings his mamma a lot of JOY.

I once discovered him playing Lego with his big brother (getting along so beautifully) and singing the words, “Everything is perfect.  Everything is grand.  I can’t seem to wipe this smile off my face…..”  (from The Muppet Movie).  I live for moments like these.

three sisters blog circle

ABOUT three sisters.  We are literally 3 sisters who share a love of photography and documenting our families.  On the last day of each month we have a blog circle, where we each post a photo with the same theme.  MAY’s theme:  Music ❤


Find FIONA’s Post HERE.

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