What kind of a Photographer are you? | Gold Coast Portrait Photography

Recently I was asked what kind of photographer I was.

I replied by saying that I am a photographer of PEOPLE –  Mainly Families and Women.

Then, in regards to Women, I was asked if it was ‘Glamour’ photography.


When I thought about it, I realised that what I do is very different from Glamour.

With Glamour photography, you can walk into a Woman’s home and see their ‘glamour shot’ on display, and not know who it is.  Sure they look amazing, but also unrecognisable.

What I do is create beautiful, authentic portraits and lifestyle images like that of an editorial in a magazine.  They are Images that show you in a fabulous, yet genuine way.  You look amazing, and you’re also YOU.

Woman who have a portrait session with me, walk away with a portfolio of images suitable for personal and professional use.

I’m glad I got that out of my head!

Melissa  :)

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