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Just wanted to go back and share a session from last year that I never got around to blogging about.  This is a beautiful family that I have known for over 10 years – we meet through family/church in Sydney and we moved to the Gold Coast around the same time.  I was SO happy when they contacted me about a session.  We had a 1 hour session just before sunset – the most gorgeous time of day for a portrait session.

I love how ridiculously happy people look right after a jump shot:)

and you know a family session MUST have tickles…

Dad has an amazing singing voice.  He also plays the Guitar so I suggested some photos showing their musical-side.  He sang softly to his children while I captured some images.  Actually, this is one of the first photos of their session.  You might notice the baby was still asleep!

In these images below, the baby had only just woken up and her whole family was behind me singing out to her.  I just love the inquisitive look on her face in the second shot!  We were laughing a lot because she was so funny and had so many cute expressions.  I was so over the moon when she arrive with those 2 fountains on top of her head.

There were so many lovely images from this session that I found it hard to choose which photos to blog.  If you are interested in a portrait session with me you can find out more information HERE.





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